Tour Info

Duration 4 Days-3 Nights / 5 Days-4 Nights
Departure / Return Hotel Antena

Tour Description

Our Tours are 4 Days-3 Nights or 5 Days-4 Nights. Additional days can be added for tourists who would like to enjoy a longer stay at the Lodge. Itineraries and activities to explore the Wildlife Reserve can be adjusted according to group interests.

If you are 4 people or more, you can start the Tour when you want (no Wednesdays and no Sundays). If you are 1-3 people, you will have to join an other group of tourists. We welcome and encourage visits from families, students and researchers. The activities are:

  • Canoeing in motorized and dugout craft in the “Laguna Grande”, swimming, enjoying spectacular sunsets
  • Bird watching, looking for dolphins and monkeys
  • Hiking in the Rainforest and explications about the jungle, the wildlife, medicals plants and indigenous history
  • Visiting the Siona Community and sharing a little bit of their culture
  • Night walks and ride in the canoe to observe caimans, insects and nocturnal birds
  • Swinging in a hammock or enjoying the vista from the last floor of the tower…

One of the best ways to explore the rainforest is by canoe, in this way you will have the opportunity to see this wet and wild green world in an intimate and highly rewarding way.

Dress code:

Sport, comfortable, athletic clothing, hiking shoes, hat, light jacket.